Hageman House

The Hageman House, built in 1861, is a historically accurately restored, Italianate-Victorian farmhouse, with mature trees and a stone well in the backyard, and surrounded by lush meadows and wooded wetlands. The interior of the house has original fireplace mantel pieces and woodwork, and some 19th and early-20th Century furniture and appliances.

The horse, dairy, and wagon barns on the property, built between 1876-7, were designed by the farmer using a unique mix of Dutch, English, and Victorian styles, and are therefore unlike any other barns in the world. Inside the horse barn are exposed, hand hewn beams and rafters, and a 30 foot ceiling. Antique farm and household tools (19th and early-20th Cen.) are available for use for projects on the Meadows Foundation stewarded properties only.

As this is an antique property, we ask that any group that uses this property for their project exercises all due caution to protect the integrity of this very special, precious resource. A Meadows Foundation Board of Directors members will be on site to assist you at all times.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our listing for the Hageman House and Barns, we are very proud of this regal house and unique barns and property! The Meadows Foundation is a 501c3, nonprofit organization whose mission is to restore and preserve 18th and 19th Century historic sites, to encourage public appreciation for local heritage and vernacular architecture, and to support environmental efforts to preserve open space, farmland, and other historic sites.

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Address: 209 South Middlebush Road, Somerset New Jersey 08873

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